Smoke Pellets
Pyrotechnic Smoke Pellets

Our smoke pellets are available in packs of 5 to 100, and are ignited conventionally by a naked flame (eg match/lighter) to produce thick white smoke for approximately 60 seconds to 4 minutes. Use them for special effects - they're a low cost way of silently generating smoke on location without mains power. Smoke pellets generate predictable smoke patterns to determine air flow & direction of flow. Use them to test chimney and flue installations as per the requirements of BS5440-1. Do not inhale smoke. Safe to use with sensitive electrical equipment and materials. All pellets (except coloured) are designed to be held for initial ignition if required then placed where needed. Durations stated are approximate. Free GB mainland delivery.

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New design plastic holder allows pellet to be held for easier ignition. Increased smoke output.

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1 minute duration white smoke pellets

After ignition, produce approx. 1 minute of white smoke (equiv. 25 cubic metres).

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4 Minute Duration Smoke Pellets


Grey / Black 

Each pellet produces twice the volume of smoke of the above 60 second pellets in total, but over a 4 minute period and in grey.

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With electronic ignition and choice of six vivid colours in 7, 15 or 30 second duration,
see our coloured pyrotechnic smoke cartridges

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